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Hey Everyone!

So we're aware that not all of our members are connected to us on Facebook, so we decided to put together some questions that we often get asked, and we also produced another way to contact us in a simple way, for any questions, suggestions, or advice you may have for us!


If you would like to attend the garage, please call us on 0864449128 with an hours notice! Or message our facebook page for parts and tyre prices to be organised ready for your next visit!

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This is our questions section.

We have added this section to our website to make your experience with us that little bit easier, rather than going out of your way to contact us directly, hopefully we can answer most of your questions here!

Q: What are your opening times?

A: Our opening hours are kept updated on Google and facebook! We are open 7 days a week, besides a little time over Major holidays!

Q: I have never used a hoist or tyre machine, is there someone who can assist me by giving me a rundown on how the equipment works?

A: Yes, there is always someone at the shop give you tips, we can teach you how to use any equipment that you are unsure of, which helps for the next time you visit us!

Q: Can I pay someone at the workshop to do a job for me?

A: Absolutely, we have our own in house mechanics that can take on the jobs that get too hard, and we will endevour to get it squeezed in as soon as possible! As a self-serve workshop, we also encourage you to have a win - we can help/guide you where we can - we can show you how to install a tyre or even how to install a timing belt!

Q: What are your forms of payment?

A: We have Card facilities including Amex, EFT transfer etc! We also offer Openpay

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our address is 6/19 Kent Way, Malaga, WA.

Use google maps for best results by searching simply "DIY Garage Malaga".

Q: If I use the tyre machine and balancer, do you dispose of my old tyres?

A: We do, from $9 each!

Q: How much do I pay for wheel weights?

A: It works out approximately $1.5/wheel (60gram strip), and also $3/ Tyre valve, we also provide tyre disposal from $9/tyre



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