Hey Everyone!

So we're aware that not all of our members are connected to us on Facebook, so we decided to put together some questions that we often get asked, and we also produced another way to contact us in a simple way, for any questions, suggestions, or advice you may have for us!


If you would like to attend the garage, please call us on 0411050414 or message our facebook page www.facebook.com/diygaragewa if you do in fact have Facebook for the best response time, to let us know a time that you would like to come in and be inducted!

This is our questions section.

We have added this section to our website to make your experience with us that little bit easier, rather than going out of your way to contact us directly, hopefully we can answer most of your questions here!

Q: What are your opening times?

A: DIY Garage is essentially a 24 hour garage open to the public -t the concept is, that aslong as you are here before 8pm on any given night, we are able to stay open for you until you have finished whatever it is you may be doing. Whether it be guard rolling, changing tyres, or even an engine conversion!

Q: I have never used a hoist or tyre machine, is there someone who can assist me by giving me a rundown on how the equipment works?

A: Yes, from 8am - 8pm there is always someone at the shop give you tips, we can teach you how to use any equipment that you are unsure of, which helps for the next time you visit us!

Q: Can I pay someone at the workshop to do a job for me?

A: As a self-serve workshop, we encourage you to do it yourself - we can help/guide you where we can - we can show you how to install a tyre or even how to install a timing belt! Save money and DIY!

Q: What are your forms of payment?

A: We have a terminal at the shop for our sign-up process which only takes about 5 minutes to complete. You simply enter your details, assign your own personal tag that we provide to you onto the system, and top up the required amount depending on how many hours you think you may need to hire a hoist for. (Note: You can top up at the shop anytime, even if you are still using a hoist)

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our address is Unit 7/242 Beringarra Avenue, Malaga, WA.

Use google maps for best results by searching simply "DIY Garage Malaga".

Q: If I use the tyre machine and balancer, do you dispose of my old tyres?

A: No, at this point we do not dispose of old tyres. Although, we do supply tyres at a wide variety.

Q: How much do I pay for wheel weights?

A: It works out approximatley $1/wheel (60gram strip), and also $1/ Tyre valve, we also provide tyre disposal at $8/tyre

Q: Are you open on the weekends?

A: Yes, we are open 8am-8pm both Saturday and Sunday, 365 days a year.



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