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A self service, automated, mechanical workshop!  DIY Garage WA is just a big social hub for like-minded motoring enthusiasts in Perth, to bring your own pride and joy to work on, whether its a slammed street weapon to a rough and ready rock crawler!


Love your cars, but scared that you might break something? We can help you! We hope to gather the inexperienced crowd on open days, to come along, and with some guidance, do the most simple tasks that most of you are too worried to attempt by yourself at home,  with the added convenience of a hoist and various tools at a cheap rate. As well as allowing those who are already mechanically minded to spare them from laying all over the floor and given them the option to use a hoist to complete all sorts of repairs/modifcations etc. There's most definitely no feeling like accomplishing something by yourself, even such things as a leaky valve cover gaskets or a general service, it's all achievable and we can help you with all of your mechanical needs as our advice is at no cost you.

The aim of our game is to keep things as low budget, and fair as possible for those who are either car enthusiasts such as ourselves, or just need to do a general service on the family car. We understand that not everyone can afford a mechanic, or you just can't justify some apprentice screwing your oil filter on too tight for $100 an hour! So us being major car enthustastics ourselves have developed a system for people to learn and save money and walk away knowing that you have done everything yourself and that it has been done properly. 

The DIY Garage concept was a concept founded by a car enthusiast like any other. A passion for hobby mechanics, and a drive to provide something unique; a social mechanical garage that anyone can access at convienient hours! We hope to open more stores for the folks down south to access in the long run, but for now we are just located in Malaga, Perth. Perhaps even all over Western Australia eventually - with your support anything is possible!



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